sockin’ it to ya

the twisted girls being what we are (sock knitters), twisted will be carrying a great deal of sock yarn. which means, at this point in twisted’s life span, sock samples. i have been knitting a few sock samples, out of two of trekking‘s most popular colorways, and am in love. i can see why this […]

A little bootie

These booties were fast and easy to knit up. The construction is clever and keeps things entertaining but not confusing. Add some Peter Rabbit buttons and it’s a winner. Stats:  Pattern from Knitting for Two by Erika Knight.  Yarn – Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  Needles – #3.  Buttons – JHB Beatrix Potter Collection.

the great swatch project

twisted has made its first few major yarn orders, and has received a big ole box of “samples,” which are destined to be knit into swatches for the store (by the way, receiving a box full of different kinds of yarn? insanely exciting. what’s it going to be like when we start receiving our actual […]

Where is Twisted?

Twisted is located at 2310 NE Broadway, in the Irvington-Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood of Portland. Twisted has brown paper on the windows, and a heck of a lot of tools laying around inside. Twisted is a bit dusty right now. Twisted is a lovely space, with big old wonderful windows that look out on the vibrant […]

Why is Twisted?

Twisted exists (and we’re boldly using the present tense now instead of future!) for a few reasons.  Most fundamentally, we both love knitting and crafts.  We want to surround ourselves with crafts and to share our excitement with other people.  It’s a good feeling to use your hands and brain to make something tangible in […]