the great swatch project

twisted has made its first few major yarn orders, and has received a big ole box of “samples,” which are destined to be knit into swatches for the store (by the way, receiving a box full of different kinds of yarn? insanely exciting. what’s it going to be like when we start receiving our actual orders????) emily and i did the grade-school-kickball-team way of choosing yarn – one at a time, we could pick our faves, until all that was left was the plain, basic wool (i.e. the non-athletic, uncoordinated wanna-be kickballer). one of my first picks was noro’s silk garden lite. yummy. i have always been a silk garden fan; in fact, i have a season of multidirectional scarves in sg under my belt, and as i sat and fondled the yarn, i remembered one of the many projects on my own personal wish-list, lady eleanor from scarf style. i have seen many of these around blog-land in sg, and they are uber-lovely, so i decided not only to make an awe-inspiring swatch, but to learn a new technique while at it.

oh, and, by the way?


i used almost a full skein of sg lite, and was able to do 2 complete pattern repeats, as well as the finishing rows. what a fab little swatch.

one of these days, i will make an entire stole for myself…


2 thoughts on “the great swatch project

  1. Love this website & the store looks so very cool. The windows in the photos…Wow!

    I am not craftsy as Em probably knows from her mother-in-law, but I am impressed w/those who are. So sorry to hear about Carat. Hope she is better now and back to her cute “pig” ways. Such a sweetie. Now you’ll be too busy to bring her to Eugene to play w/Max. Darn!

  2. Shannon,
    The swatch is beautiful!!! I’ll bet you are very excited to be touching and knitting for store samples! Only a short time left before the grand opening.
    Love and Kisses Mom

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